I write for a living. Those annoying ads selling crap you don’t need. Yeah, that’s me. Everyone thinks working in advertising is cool and sexy and what not (thanks, Mad Men). But most days, it’s a job like any other. In other words, it’s largely mundane.

You see, I’m not that interested in pushing home security systems or spray-on chemicals that kill weeds. But about a month ago, I got excited when my agency pitched a company that makes everything from peanut butter to pancake mix.

For weeks after this meeting, I waited for the news the way a seven-year-old waits for Santa. Sadly, when word never came, I was once again stuck writing about $99 installation specials and free lawn analyses.

Then, one morning, it hit me. I could write about food. In fact, I could do it here. And so, on my way into the office, the Piehole blog was conceived. So keep coming back for food-related essays, travelogues and more, all from myself and a few friends.

Hopefully you’ll find it more interesting than reading ad copy.

Chris Boyles


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  1. Steve Reynolds says:

    Would love an RSS feed, please.

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