Cheeseburger Club at Crystal Beer Parlor


Just like the sandwich that inspired it, the Cheeseburger Club came stacked and cut down the middle — revealing more layers than an earth sciences textbook illustration. There was toast, a rich mayo, crisp lettuce, ripe tomato, smoky bacon, toast, sharp cheddar, a succulent patty and toast again. My first thought upon biting in: “mmm, meat juice.” My second: this isn’t the burger I expected from a “Beer Parlor.” The perfectly cooked, well-seasoned beef was tastier than what I’ve had at fancier places in Atlanta. Cheaper, too. Priced under $10, this five-napkin burger was considerably more affordable than a 5 Napkin Burger. Or a Flip Burger. Or a Yeah! Burger. Crystal Beer Parlor, 301 West Jones Street, Savannah, GA (912) 349-1000 •


About Chris Boyles

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3 Responses to Cheeseburger Club at Crystal Beer Parlor

  1. Tom says:

    Sign me up! For all the many times I’ve been to Savannah, I’ve never caught wind of its existence — an oversight that won’t be made again.

  2. chickerbp says:

    Oooooo adding it to the list!

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