Two-Meat Platter at Heirloom Market BBQ

Hard smoke. It’s an expression I didn’t use before I dined at Heirloom Market. Because Heirloom uses a combination of four woods to cook their meats, it imparts a flavor unlike any other I’ve tasted. With their slabs of juicy brisket and wide array of house-made sausages, the food here harkens back to the owner’s Texas roots. But saying this discounts his Korean-born wife’s contributions, which include galbi (short ribs) and kimchi (pickled vegetables). So, for a number of reasons, it’s easier to say Heirloom serves its own unique brand of BBQ. A word of warning: this closet-sized restaurant will always have a line out the door and it’s all but guaranteed to run out of food early (there were no ribs on my first visit). It’s also impossible to leave here without getting heavily perfumed by smoke. I’m not complaining though. If Calvin Klein bottled the scent, I’d probably spritz myself with it twice daily. Heirloom Market BBQ, 2243 Akers Mills Road, Atlanta, GA (770) 612-2502 •


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