Cold Comfort

Growing up, one of the sweetest parts of summer (literally) were impromptu visits from the ice cream man. When my friends and I heard the gentle tinkling of music that announced his arrival, we’d drop everything and run down to the sidewalk for Bomb Pops and Push-Ups.

As an adult, I’ve done the same thanks to Twitter. Knowing the location of Atlanta’s roving King Of Pops has sent me dashing out of my office in search of paletas, those Latin-inspired popsicles. So when I was in Nashville this past weekend and withering from the heat, I set out in search of local fave Las Paletas.

Unlike the pushcart King of Pops, Las Paletas has a fixed location in the gentrifying 12South neighborhood. Also unlike King Of Pops, the options were staggering. While King Of Pops only has five or so flavors on any given day, Las Paletas has almost 20! It was hard choosing just one, but I finally settled on a Strawberry Blueberry paleta. It was unbelievably fruity and sweetly tart, as it was made with pulped berries instead of juice.

Truth be told, I probably would’ve grabbed another pop if my first hadn’t melted faster than I could eat it. But that’s what made Las Paletas perfect for a steamy Sunday. Just like those treats I enjoyed as I was a kid, they provided a brief, yet frosty reprieve from summer’s sizzle.


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